HitON enhances video to enhance and shorten your customers journey from discovery to purchase

The HitON Interactive Video Platform enhances any new or existing video, providing direct access to a curated taxonomy of digital assets to give you ultimate control over the customers journey of discovery to transaction.
From within the video viewing experience, relevant products, offers, information etc. in the form of images, videos and links are a single click away with no scrolling or searching.

HitON is integrated with Facebook, providing proven enhanced engagement within the platform allowing you to curate the product journey and minimise viewer distractions and connect directly with the checkout process. HitON also provides a fully optimised mobile version that revolutionises EDM and SMS marketing through an immersive brand and video experience, allowing customers to easily interact with key product information and content.

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HitON lets you seamlessly connect your brand and product assets

+ Transforms video from a purely lineal experience

+ Allows brands to better leverage existing digital assets (videos, product info, images etc)

+ Provides a curated journey to purchase for the customer, minimising distractions to searches and aggregated sites

+ Engagement is increased by providing all of the relevant product info within one portal and experience

+ Detailed analytics provide insights into what customers are interacting with to further enhance the brand experience

+ Provides a fully immersive mobile video experience that is proven to increase customer engagement


HitON can be applied to any video (existing or new). Any digital assets, such as links, documents, information, images or videos can be integrated into the interactive video experience. Any additional HTML functionality such pixel, UTM parameters etc. can also be integrated to track consumer and transaction data.

Activating a video with HitON is fast, simple and cost effective:

#1. You provide us with your video and assets

#2. We activate your HitON video typically within 24 hours & provide you with an embed code

#3. Your video is ready to be published to your website or used for deployment for social, SMS or EDM

#4. Access specific interactive data to further adapt enhance the transaction experience for your customers

There are significant economies of scale to rolling out HitON, so the more it is utilised, the more cost effective the subscription and activation costs.

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Click on the image above to watch the Painted in Dustfilm by Deus Ex Machina featuring shoppable products.

Click on the image above to watch the Brickworks branded content video featuring shoppable prducts featured within the video.