Recent Work

CASE STUDY: Mark Foy's Content Innovation in Real Estate

We have been working with Mark Foy, the Principle of Belle Property Surry Hills to activate and enhance his diverse video content, utilising our interactive video technology HitON. Mark has been executing a successful content strategy to leverage on videos to differentiate from competitors and convey his unique experience and knowledge to his target market. This approach has been increasingly effective as market conditions continue to soften and differentiation from other agents and brands becomes imperative to attracting new vendors.

HitON has been applied to a range of Belle Surry Hills property specific and knowledge based content such as meet the team, market updates (residential and commercial) and other key intelligence regarding leasing, property styling, financials, when to sell etc. This content has allowed Mark to articulate and deploy his knowledge and experience in a digestible manner and engaging format that can be deployed across a range of digital channels.

The interactivity aspect has been widely embraced by the audience, which is reflective in the engagement data we are seeing in regards to viewer interaction with the content. Average click through rates have exceeded 20% with the most engaging calls to action achieving close to 70% Viewing durations have also exceeded the video duration by up to 3.5 times; meaning audiences are deeply engaging with the various activations and calls to action within the content. Audience engagement in regards to calls to action reflect the key trends we are seeing within the Property and Real Estate Industry, such as high interaction with contact information including call, email and SMS, particularly from mobile devices.

Activating Mark’s content over an extended period has allowed us to analyse and interpret the user and engagement data to adjust and enhance both the content and activation accordingly. As such, we have been able to improve the user experience, providing more efficient access to info, links, additional videos and calls to action. Naturally, this has facilitated exponential improvements in viewer engagement and interaction with the content.

Click on the video above to view Mark Foy's "Tips for Buyers" video to see how Mark and Belle Surry Hills have been leveraging their commercial intelligence through engaging interactive video.