Below are some of the frequently asked questions regarding HitON Interactive Video, applying it to Property related videos, getting started and signing up. If you have any further queries contact us and we can help you get started.

What is HitON?

HitON is an interactive video product developed specifically for the residential real estate market.  The technology is designed to provide Buyers a curated yet personalised approach to discovering more about the property listing instantly, by the powerful medium of video. 

What does an interactive property video look like?

Check out our demo here and see why leading Agents are choosing HitON: [Insert Link]

I’m already producing videos for my property listings.  Why do I need HitON?

Video is the highest engaging medium and is being widely implemented in promoting and selling residential real estate. HitON takes video to the next level by improving the buyer’s experience in accessing within the video the key information they need to qualify a prospective home or investment. HitON enhances videos and leverages existing digital assets.

Can the HitON technology be applied to the video I film for each new property listing?

Absolutely!  Any existing real estate or marketing video can be activated allowing the promotion of individual properties, agents, historic sales or agencies. 

What information can I include in my interactive property listing video?

All of your relevant calls to action are provided for immediate access within the window of the video player.  This is proven to improve click through and engagement, allowing Agents to focus on selling.  You can include as much or as little information as you choose within your interactive property video.  Information that Agents typically like to feature or highlight includes: Location, Lifestyle Features, Suburb Profiles, Floorplans, Contract and Direct Agent SMS & Email.

How do I get my property listing video to be interactive?

Activating a video with HitON is fast, simple and cost effective:

1.     You send us your existing video and all the information you want featured

2.     We activate your property video within 2 business days

3.     The video is published to your website and/or Facebook page

4.     The video is published to and

5.     Your prospective Buyers watch and interact with your property videos

6.     Access Buyer generated data allowing you to adapt your sales, marketing and future production strategies accordingly.

How does HitON benefit Real Estate Agents?

+  Better informed & qualified Buyers

+  Reduced time on standard enquiry questions

+  Adapt your sales approach based on new interaction data

+  Unique showcase of your Vendor’s property

+  Attract Vendors through the use of new property technology

How does HitON benefit Buyers?

+  A direct and curated approach

+  Shortens the journey from research to inspection

+  Immediate in-video access to all key property information

+  Engaging and innovative real estate video experience

+  Email and SMS Agents within the real estate video

Can my interactive property video be viewed on my Agency website?

Yes. Your interactive property video is easily integrated into your existing Agency website for ease of viewing.

Can my interactive property video be viewed on Realestate and Domain websites?

Yes.  Your interactive property video can be uploaded and featured on and as part of the property listing.

Will my interactive property video be phone and tablet compatible?

Yes.  Your interactive property video is fully compatible with all tablets and smart phones, allowing in-line video on iPads and iPhones facilitating optimised mobile interactivity.

What if I want my interactive property video to be viewed on Facebook?

We’ve taken care of this.  HitON interactive videos can be watched on both the Facebook web and app platforms, with an optimised iPhone experience.

How do I know which Subscription Plan to choose?

Simply choose a Plan that best reflects the average number of new listings you historically have per month.  This will be a good guide to how many interactive videos you are likely to require each month. 

How do I Subscribe to HitON?

Subscribing is easy and fast.  Simply fill out our electronic Subscription Form, send it back by email and we’ll set you up and get you going on your first campaign. 

What happens if the Subscription Plan I choose has more than I am using in it

Not a problem.  We aim to be as flexible as possible and responsive to your needs.  All we require is a minimum 3 month commitment to the Plan you’ve chosen.  After that, you can simply upgrade or downgrade your plan by giving us 30 days written notice.

Am I able to cancel my Subscription to HitON?

Of course.  We only want you using something that’s getting you results.  Once your minimum 3 month term has expired you can cancel by simply giving us 30 days written notice.  This will take effect relative to your next billing date.