As specialists in video and its deployment to all facets of digital, our service offering focuses on content marketing, audience engagement, content best practice and the delivery of content. Outside of our Interactive Video product HitON, we offer consulting services in the following areas:

+ Content and Engagement Strategies
+ Engagement Analysis
+ Content / Video Best Practice Analysis & Implementation
+ Development of Video Guidelines
+ Content Planning
+ Content Development
+ Social Channel Management
+ Establishment of Engagement Metrics & Content Success Measures

We work with clients at all stages of digital and content maturity across a wide range of sectors and industries. We can help you get started planning, producing and deploying video content across your digital touchpoints or work with you to get the maximise your ROI and ensure you are targeting and engaging your audience effectively.
Some of our clients include:


For over 8 years we have been analysing content effectiveness, audience interaction and engagement data. The analysis of this data has provided us with highly unique insights into how consumers and audiences interact with content and the associated products and assets within branded content. This knowledge and expertise allows us to execute digital initiatives for our clients with measurable outcomes.

With deep expertise across digital and social strategy, engagement analytics, content production and activation, we collaborate and consult with brands to monetise existing content, develop new content, educate audiences and drive engagement.

Contact us via the button below to see how we can help you develop or enhance your current digital engagement strategy, or work with you to determine and boost the effectiveness of your content. 

The team were able to transform our approach to engagement by ensuring that each and every post contributes in some way to achieving a business goal. Their approach and framework provided a baseline of our present situation and the roadmap to build self-sustaining communities that advocate, promote and share our brand story, creating the type of attention every organisation dreams of!

By taking out the mystery of social and content engagement and providing us with straight forward and logical tips, we were able to see immediate results upon implementing their suggestions.
— Tim Maillet. Director, Strategic Marketing & Student Recruitment The University of Technology, Sydney