Content Theory was launched in 2010, providing solutions for content marketing, audience engagement and video best practice. We combined our extensive experience within areas such as content and video production, digital and social marketing, online platform and product development to develop the world’s first interactive HTML video product called HitON.

HitON Interactive Video has since been widely adopted as a marketing, education and eCommerce engagement platform across music, retail, fashion, entertainment, education and more generally, branded content. Through its unique means of capturing user interaction, HitON has proven to dramatically increase audience engagement by shortening the distance from click to discover or purchase.

From nearly a decade of video enhancement, HitON transforms video from a linear occurrence to an immersive, optimised experience. This is achieved through a user friendly interface for the audience , providing a curated journey to immediately access any digital asset at any point throughout the video. 


Adoption of video is increasing exponentially, as is where video is being watched by customers, consumers and audiences. This is impacting all brands within all sectors to adopt video into their content marketing strategy and ensure it differentiates from competitors. Positively, there has never been a greater opportunity to target and engage specific audiences through such an immersive medium.

HitON has been designed to optimise the interactive video experience regardless of device. The HitON interactive mobile player provides a completely immersive experience when used in EDM and SMS Marketing Campaigns, connecting the audience directly with relevant assets or calls to action.

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We continue to work with businesses to maximise their content marketing strategy, develop content plans and ensure the adoption of best practice across all their video touch points. We also assist with the development of guidelines and standards to ensure that video production can be completely scaled, with value and ROI being maximised. To find out more click the button below:


The HitON Interactive Player allows the viewer to interact with any digital asset with one click or touch. Providing the viewer with direct access to relevant content without interrupting the primary video / content, allows them to peruse content, information and products on their own terms. Providing this digital taxonomy in such a user friendly way increases the viewers engagement, given they stay for longer interacting with your content and assets. From the brands perspective, the curated taxonomy and user journey that HitON provides keeps customers within the funnel and prevents losing audiences to search activity.

Throughout any new or existing video, digital assets can be introduced through various functionality within the player window incentivising the viewer to click on products, watch related videos, gain additional information, view images etc. Providing access to relevant brand assets, as they appear and on cue through the video experience is also proven to increase engagement and vastly improve the user experience. Click on the button below to see some examples of HitON in action:

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