Provide your students or audience a user friendly learning experience with HitON interactive video.

The HitON Interactive Video Platform can be used to enhance any educational video, such as lectures, guides, slideshows etc. HitON provides access to a curated taxonomy of educational-based digital assets by integrating web / HTML functionality within video. This allows the educator to introduce a range of multimedia assets throughout the course of the video, providing students a highly user-friendly interface to learn and absorb content based on their learning style and course understanding.

The HitON platform also allows for direct access to tutorial, help / support assets and material within the video itself, reducing the reliance on human-based support resources. The intuitive nature of accessing this interactive content also provides a more user-friendly and immediate means of reading or viewing relevant content.

Scroll down to see an example of the HitON applied to a lecture based video and case study.


HitON allows for the integration of any digital asset and allows the viewer to learn on their terms & speed:

+ Transforms video from a purely lineal learning experience

+ Allows Educators to leverage existing education assets (links, docs, videos etc)

+ Reduces support costs

+ Engagement is increased by providing all of the relevant material within one portal and experience

+ Viewers and Students can access additional and relevant material when and if they need it

+ Detailed analytics provide insights into what Audiences are interacting with to further enhance the learning experience

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HitON can be applied to any video (existing or new). Any digital assets, such as links, documents, information, images or videos can be integrated into the interactive video experience. Any additional HTML functionality such as quiz’s and tests can also be integrated to support the video and associated learning module.

This immersive taxonomy of digital content allows your audience to interact on their own terms to their respective level of knowledge or understanding.

By providing curated access to associated assets and learning content, you can ensure your audience and students have access to correct and relevant information and modules.

Activating a video with HitON is fast, simple and cost effective:

#1. We activate your education video typically within 24 hours - all we require are any associated assets to be featured.

#2. The video is published on your website or LMS

#3. Your audience watch the video and interact with the relevant taxonomy of digital assets

#4. Access viewing data to adapt your learning strategy accordingly based on how Students are interacting with the content

There are significant economies of scale to rolling out HitON, so the more it is utilised, the more cost effective the subscription and activation costs.

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HitON provides an optimised video learning experience regardless of device or browser. HitON can be easily integrated into any website and can be integrated with most Learning Management Systems, as once your video is activated with HitON you are provided with a simple embed code.

HitON also provides a highly optimised mobile interactive player that provides a user friendly viewing experience allowing viewers to easily navigate between a range of digital assets, including video, further enhancing the video learning experience. The player itself can also be customised to suit specific educational requirements. We integrate over 6 years of experience and data in activating videos across a myriad of sectors to deliver an interactive experience that is appropriate to the content and your audience and maximises their engagement and your educational taxonomy.



Click the image above to watch this Interactive Lecture Video, featuring Dr Brian Cox.


The Powerhouse Museum’s “Please be Seated” educational interactive video, featuring Dr Paul Donnelly was released as part of Design Week. The video sought to educate participants on the history of furniture design, notable contributors to seating and furniture innovation and to showcase the PHM’s diverse collection of rare and classic furniture.

The interactive video provided direct access to a range of educational content and imagery associated with the pieces and designers featured within the video. The video itself was in the top 5 most viewed website pages for the Powerhouse and saw click through rates for secondary associated content at over 65%.

PHM Website Image.jpg


With HitON, any relevant reference material (as a link, image, video etc) is one click away for the student and can be clicked on at anytime throughout the viewing experience. This transforms a standard educational video from a linear experience to an immersive, interactive learning experience.

By providing a curated journey to the interactive experience, students have direct access to associated material which vastly increases their engagement and completion rate. This also reduces any distraction that can occur through conducting external searches for content and material that may support or expand the particular learning topic. The unique data gathered by HitON’s analytics also provides educators with a deeper understanding of the student’s learning journey and behaviour, providing a further opportunity to refine the taxonomy of educational material.

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